-> added gold coin for 10 silver coins to vending machine
-> updated ui's
-> increased def / mdef of newbe sets x2
-> added first jobchange weapons to newbe characters (+10, dmg x2)
-> added x3 exp potion to newbe characters
-> added newbe-travelbox to newbe characters
-> added +10 weapon to drakan newbe characters
-> added +10 set to drakan newbe characters
-> added newbe travelbox + x3 potions to drakan newbe characters
-> x5 exp potions is now useable with level 1
-> increased monster difference level x2
-> removed all "bad" items from windy farm and replaced them with level 2-3
-> fixed element dark bone weapons
-> added more legendary blesses to element dungeon
-> removed novice set requirement from portal geffen town
-> 25 monster cards now cost 1350 cash
-> decreased price equipment soulbound remover to 750 cash
-> buffed rare elga sets
-> added some items exchangeable for silver coins to vending machine
-> added weapon / armor enchant powder to guild quests

Post Forum Crete Date 11/08/19